The Ultimate Numbers helps children thrive academically. The easy-to-use work books
provide valuable skill practice, and include fun learning activities!
Perfect for children who need additional practice or want to advance their skills, these work books help children practice important grade-level skills and stay on track while they are learning.
The colorful and clever activities motivate children to engage with the lesson and become active learners!

The book is aligned to current standards and includes:
• foundational math skills! Each unit introduces a number
and includes activity pages that practice beginning math skills.
• Each unit ends with a hands-on activity.
• Beginning math skills practiced include.
• recognizing numbers from 1 to 10.
• recognizing colors.
• patterning.
• identifying geometric shapes.
• comparing sizes.
• recognizing most and least.
• Hands-on STEM activities encourage young children to think creatively and explore

The Ultimate Book Of Numbers