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The Ultimate Letters & Sounds

The Ultimate Letters & Sounds Over 200 pages of curriculum-correlated activities help students see, hear, say, and write the 26 letters of the alphabet!
It helps students learn Letter Knowledge & develop five fundamental pre-reading skills.
1. Print Awareness
2. Phonological Awareness
3. Letter Knowledge
4. Listening
5. Hands on crafts
6.Traditional, hands-on, and online—to makes sure all students have a strong foundation for reading.

The Ultimate Letters & Sounds

The Ultimate Reading Comprehension

The series support
• Genres.
• Listening/Speaking Activities
• ELLs Support.
• Lesson Format Instruction.
• Guided and Independent practice.
• phonics Skills Practice.

The series provide types of texts in each of its fiction and Nonfiction partitions:
• Graphic texts.
• Technical passages.
• Informational passages.
• Realistic fiction.
• Historical fiction.
• Biography.

The Ultimate Reading Comprehension

The Ultimate Book Of Counting

The Ultimate Counting provides Fun and essential kinder math activities, cute and inspiring
themes, a variety of different activities that are both fun and educational, to keep your child engaged!

Kids will practice mathematical skills:
• number recognition from 1 to 20.
• count objects to 20.
• continue patterns.
• identify basic shapes.
• recognizing colors.
• patterning.
• identifying geometric shapes.
• addition.

The Ultimate Counting workbook is the perfect tool to help children develop and strengthen their
basic math skills. This workbook features activities, this kind of enjoyable reinforcement learning
is perfect as both a school aid, or as a great addition to your kids blended learning curriculum.

The book includes access to free online activities. These interactive activities create a fun
learning game to motivate children to further practice key skills.

The Ultimate Book Of Counting

Self Care

The Early childhood care and education International organization (ECCE),
aims the development of a child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing.
As an international path Self Care curriculum was framed to correlate to ECCE aims, and to help children develop good manners, physical and mental health practices, and safety habits.

Self Care textbooks lead kids to good hygiene and virus protection through highlighting the importance of hands and body cleanliness.
Self Care textbook shows the importance of eating healthful foods, and warning of junk food and unhealthy nutrition.

It also focuses on being safe at and away from home, and being kind and respectful to the people around him. This text includes engaging activities to help children be accountable for good habits and review exercises to help instill basic health and safety practices.

Manners for meals, social distancing at school, manners in public, and with family members topics are clearly introduced, and accompanied with activities, and crafts.

A full access to Wisdom castle (LMS) for more interactive practices , evaluation, and fun.

Self Care


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Hand on Phonics 1 contains the following:

  • Skills sheets.
  • Word family practice.
  • Sight words practice.
  • Litter phonics Readers.
  • Listening and repeating practice.
  • Virtual supporiting interactive ebook.
  • Multi-Sensory tactile.

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